The art of freedom/Art for freedom

Freedom of expression and international cooperation: values at the heart of the Edinburgh International Festival. The festival was founded with the express purpose of bringing Europe back together through art, in the dark days after World War II. But while countless European artists gave their finest in Edinburgh, their colleagues behind the Iron Curtain struggled with oppression. Art became one of the ways through which the population of the German Democratic Republic voiced criticism of their totalitarian government. From forgotten photographs to massive concerts by famous musicians, the struggle for freedom in the GDR was intimately tied up with art.

Then: The

German Democratic Republic Socialist utopia?

After the fall of the Third Reich Germany was left in pieces, literally and figuratively. The Allied forces divided Germany into four occupied zones. Whereas France, Britain and the United States...

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The times are a-changin' Art as protest

After the war, German artists found themselves in a deep predicament. The realist art enforced by the Nazi’s was readily abandoned, but what was to come next? In the allied-occupied regions,...

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Fall of the Wall A people reunited

By the 1980’s, the Berlin Wall had come to stand for much more than just the division of a city. The concrete and wire construction symbolized the divide between East- and West-Germany and the...

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Now: Edinburgh

Edinburgh International Festival Home of the arts

The Edinburgh International Festival was launched two years after the conclusion of the Second World War, with much of Europe in pieces. The festival was the initial brainchild of Rudolf Bing,...

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Global festival city Culture from far and wide

Each year, Edinburgh attracts thousands of artistic greats from all over the globe. What started as a single festival, quickly grew into a city-wide event. The Edinburgh International Film Festival...

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Usher Hall Musical heart of Edinburgh

The symbolic heart of the Edinburgh International Festival is perhaps Usher Hall, one of the most important venues for the festival since the first edition of 1947. Usher Hall was funded by Andrew...

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Prachtige vergelijking van de rol van festivals bij het eenworden van Europa


Groot Brittannië


POINT (-2.0727839 53.7190281)
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ITIN Route Along the Berlin Wall

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