Dance Museum ‘Our House’ in Amsterdam

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Dance Museum ‘Our House’ in Amsterdam             

At the spot in the center of Amsterdam near Rembrandtplein where the iT disco used to be, a museum is located that focuses on hip electronic music: the Dance Music.  

The museum provides the following explanation about its raison d'être and plans for exhibitions. 

Welcome to Our House, a modern museum of electronic music culture. Come and explore the evolution of dance music, told through six chapters and countless interactive installations.  Our movement did not start with a bang, but a beat.

Are you ready to experience those very first beats, very first warehouse nights, and feelings of total freedom?

As you enter the first mesmerizing installation, you are greeted by the first preacher of house Mr Chuck Roberts, who will impressively remind you of the core values of (y)our culture.

A movement born from rebellion and the need for release.

Explore and learn about the roots of house music and its’ full journey through the eyes of the creators: the DJ-producers, the promoters, the creatives, and photographers. Narrated by renowned DJ-producers Kevin Saunderson, Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, Diplo and Charlotte de Witte, you’re sure to walk away with a deeper appreciation of the scene YOU are a part of.

Four-on-the-floor. The 808. The kick. The drop. The bass.

Come explore and play with iconic drum machines such as Roland’s TR-808, TR-909, or the TB-303 and everything in between and see what production skills you can discover in yourself. We know you’ve got it in you!

Where and how you find your groove does not matter. We’re all branches of the same family tree.

From Amsterdam to Tokyo and London to Chicago… Electronic dance music culture is all around. Here at Our House, you are invited to express your pivotal memory with thousands of likeminded people and to share the mutual love for the sound that speaks to our hearts.

What does the future of the electronic music scene look like? Only time will tell.

But we know it will continue to be a fun journey along the way. When you visit The Future, you’ll peer into the future of nightlife, club life, festivals, and music production.

Free your mind and just let go…

Our grand climax, The Culture Ride, is one final salute to a culture and people, that have changed everything. From the most fundamental clubs and festivals to the most impactful tracks and remixes, get ready to step up a gear and let us take things to the next level in this 4D experience.


Amstelstraat 24
1017 DA Amsterdam


14.00 - 22.00 uur 




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