Lutheran Church Zwolle

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The Lutherean church. From 1519 till 1647.

Zwolle & Lutheranism

The Lutheranism is the oldest protestants religion in Zwolle. About 1519 Zwolle was well-known as the first large protestant radiance centre in the Netherlands, because of the famous Latin school in Zwolle. In that time, the school was on her climax. It is special that many books of Luther were printed and spread here. German merchants, who came to Zwolle, came secretly together in “huisgemeenten”.  These have grown to one Lutheran community.

Invluence of Calvinism

The progress of the Latin school was proportional with the Lutheran influence in Zwolle. After the rise of the Calvinism, the Lutheranism was forbidden. In 1649 the government said that they had no permission to go in the church. The Lutherans had to close the church, but in 1661 they could enter the church.

Hide for the government

The church was in 1649 a “schuilkerk”. It’s build against the erstwhile citywall. Under the centre are the old fundaments of the wall still present.  The Zwolse Lutheran seal, which can be seen in the church, is from that time.

The "Godskiste"

The sacrifice box (Godskiste) in the portal has the year 1647 on it, the start of the official Lutheran community in Zwolle, in the present building.

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