Streetfight at the Diezerstraat in Zwolle

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The streetfight in the Diezerstraat, Zwolle. (1580)

George of Lalaing, the earl of Rennenberg became the stadholder of Drenthe, Friesland, Overijssel and Groningen on recitation of William of Orange. He was Catholic. On 3 march 1580 he betrayed Groningen with the Spanish army. Why? The catholic citizen of Groningen believed he was too protestant, the Duke of Parma was reconquering the Netherlands and the States took away his power of Friesland and the province of Groningen, only the city was left for him.

He intercepted a letter with the message that the protestants would admit an army to conquer the city on 3 march, 11 o’clock. On 2 march he joined the Spanish king and in the morning of 3 march they arrested a lot of protestants.

A spy of William of Orange, Lubert Ulger fled from Groningen to Zwolle. He informed William of Orange, who was in Kampen, about the treachery of Rennenberg and he unchained a revolt in Zwolle, because the citizen of Zwolle didn’t want to join the Spanish. They didn’t recognize the stadholder any more.

This revolt caused a street-fight between the calvinists and the catholics in the Diezerstraat, the shopping-street of Zwolle.  The calvinists and Lubert Ulger won this fight and Zwolle joined the Union of Utrecht. The Union of Utrecht was a convention between some of the provinces in the Netherlands to banish the Spanish army out of the country.


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