The Church of Mastenbroek

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The Church of Mastenbroek:

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The old reformed church of Mastenbroek is a national monument. The original church is built between 1364 and 1369 by bishop Jan van Arkel. It is fixed several times, for example after a fire in 1531 and 1647. This is reminded with an inscription near the door.

What happened during the Dutch revolt with the Church of Mastenbroek?

In 1571 is the church of Mastenbroek raided. It was raided by the ganesan. The farmers of Mastenbroek were angry because they had to pay high taxes which were going to the Dutch mercenaries. When in the Michaels church in Zwolle took an Iconoclasm place, the farmers only became angrier.

They went after the Calvinist kamper people and a few days later, you could see the carcasses of people that died during another iconoclasm driving in the Ijssel that flew through Kampen.

Another story:

In 1517 played the catholic farmers in Mastenbroek a big role by the “Zwolse Oproer”. This was a fight between the Zwolse malcontents and the Calvinistic protestant city drivers. The farmers of Mastenbroek took revenge for the defeat of the Catholics. They did it by killing the Kampense reformed fighters on their journey home. After this, they threw their bodies in the Ijssel.

Can you see something of the Reformation back in the church?

The church of Mastenbroek began Catholic. After the Reformation, the church was reformed. They still read the “Apostolische Geloofsbelijdenis” to express the connection with that church from Jesus Christ.  They also use the “Heidelbergse Catechismus”. This text is formed out of the Reformation. 


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