A Trip through Delhi 1909 / 1910

A Trip through Delhi 1909 / 1910

Images of early 20th century Delhi during a Muslim festival. "Delhi at the time of a great Muslim religious festival" is the helpful - to a point - context to this film offered by Pathe's catalogue of the time. Which festival, we're not told.

Certainly the streets throng with people and floats, while a number of street performers are on hand to entertain (and presumably profit from) the faithful. From there, the camera moves on to the magnificent Jama Masjid mosque, where worshippers wash themselves in the courtyard's waters before assembling for prayers. 

Attractive travelogue filmed in and around Delhi's Qutb complex. This attractive travelogue, by turns picturesque and statuesque, is centred on the imposing ruined structures of the Qutb complex at Mehrauli in south-west Delhi.

The filmmakers also film scenes of the community life surrounding the complex - images with a distinctly pastoral flavour. Like many early travel films, this French production itself travelled widely - hence the existence of an English language version for the Anglo-American market. 


Seth Sarai
New Delhi Delhi Delhi 110030


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