Delft City Tour

Delft City Tour

Delft is another example of those beautiful Dutch cities with a history. The Father of the Nation, William of Orange, resided here from 1572. In 1584 he was murdered by Balthasar Gerards. The place where a bullet hit the wall can still be seen in Museum Prinsenhof. He was interred in the crypt of the Nieuwe Kerk. Since then, all orange kings and queens were buried in this crypt.

Delft is the city where Delft Blue comes from. Delft blue is a type of faience (earthenware) with blue decoration, which is traditionally manufactured in Delft. It emerged at the end of the 16th century as a cheap alternative to blue and white Chinese porcelain. Delft Blue became very popular in a short time and experienced a boom in the period 1650-1750, when about a hundred pottery factories were active in Delft. The factory of De Porceleyne Fles is still there.

The girl with a pearl earring

Delft is also the city of the painter Johannes Vermeer, known for his paintings 'The Girl with a Pearl Earring' and 'View of Delft'. Special is the hidden house of Madame de Berry.

Finally, Delft is known for Delft University of Technology, where many students graduate every year and subsequently contribute to the economy and prosperity of the Netherlands and Europe.  

Dennis Callan will take you on a tour of this beautiful city in the video below.

Dennis Callan:  

You will love the Dutch city of Delft. It is one of the most famous, historical and beautiful towns in the Netherlands, preserved in picture book perfection. It's also a modern city that functions very well for its hundred thousand resident as you're going to see in this comprehensive video guide.


Kerkstraat 3
2611 GX Delft


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