Leiden Walking Tour

Leiden Walking Tour by Dennis Callan  

Leiden is one of the beautiful old cities of the Netherlands. We immediately think of the canals of Leiden, the Rapenburg, the Hortus, the university: the oldest university in the Netherlands with the most traditional students, who like to drink beer.

There are some fantastic museums, such as the Lakenhal, the Museum of Ethnology, Naturalis and the National Museum of Antiquities. But there is also the Bio Science Park and various start-up companies. Dennis Callan introduces you to the city through a walk in the film below.

Dennis Callan:

We’re in Leiden, Netherlands. enjoying the pleasures of this beautiful town. It's another one of the great historic cities of the Netherlands, most famous perhaps for the University. It's the oldest university in the Netherlands, founded back in the mid-16th century and so there's a lot of university students here.

Canals through the middle of the town

And it's not as touristic, certainly not nearly as crowded, as a place like Amsterdam, which is only about 1/2 an hour away by train. So it's really a refreshing change to come and visit smaller cities like Leiden. This city has got the canals running through it, as most Dutch cities do. And here it's really quite special, the canals come right through the middle of the old town.  

Interesting parts of the city

There's half a dozen of these very peaceful waterways, especially nice in the morning, busy in the afternoon with lots of people out walking around shopping, eating and drinking. During the program you will get a good look at most of the interesting parts of Leiden. I'll take you on a thorough walking tour, we will go down some of the main lanes, the little back lanes, side lanes.

The Old Rhine and the New Rhine

We will see the University and its botanical gardens. We will walk along canals and we'll just show you this town inside and out. Starting in this central part of the city, probably the most attractive and popular place to spend time, where the Old Rhine canal and New Rhine canal come together.  



Stadhuisplein 1
2311 EJ Leiden


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