Circumstances / responses. Artists from China & Holland in Huaren Museum, Chongqing

We couldn't be happier to share with you the FILM about ToWD's participation in the exhibition «CIRCUMSTANCES / RESPONSES. ARTISTS FROM CHINA & HOLLAND» in China, 26 Oct to 24 Nov 2018.

Theatre of Wrong Decisions exhibited together with the Chinese artist Xie Bei in HUAREN Museum for Contemporary Art in Chongqing.  Xie Bei showed paintings and his concern about nature.
ToWD presented 24 short films and 5 drawings used in the films.  

The hospitality of the Museum, its staff and Xie Bei was heart warming. After 12 years Li Zangyang, Zang Tu and Ingrid Rollema saw each other again in person, which was very emotional.  

Rosh Abdelfatah made the film with the help of Stella.

Click the link below to  watch the film. Hope you enjoy it!



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