The Salon Art and Design NY, November 2018

I took a walk through the spaces of The Salon Art and Design, and also through the spaces created in my imagination. 

The Salon Art and Design this year was charged and buzzing with eclectic energy.  

The new trends 

As I entered the fair I was immediately drawn to an object “talking to me” with “open mouth”. “Unique” by the Haas Brothers (Photo 1) disappeared within minutes, finding a new home. The artists also created another vase in Yellow with an Erbium Neck. (Photo 2)

I made an initial full walk through the fair to catch the new trends, leaving the details for later. In this first round I observed that Yellow is a central part of the visual spirit of this Fall 2018 fair, present in many manifestations.  

Swept up, I found myself walking through outer and inner spaces. While standing at the fair, I found myself imagining myself in a large living room dominated and swayed by yellow hues. If I existed in this space, I would sit in the Mars Cadmium Yellow chair by Steen Eiler Rasmussen (Photo 3) holding my laptop and reading my emails. Next to me would stand the Napels Yellow tables seen on Hostler Burrows Booth (Photo 4)  

The organic shape of the sofa

On those organically shaped and practical tables, which can open in many different configurations, I would place the Viridian Green vase with three Bird of Paradise plants like Strelitzias and the wine decanters with details in the same Viridian Green. I would fill the decanters with dry Red wine. (Photo 5). The colors of my imagined space are encompassing and inviting. 

I would ask a friend to join me for a nice cozy evening and we would enjoy the organic shape of the Matt Black leather sofa by Rich Mnisi (Photo 6), where a body feels hugged and cared for as though it is in its element. Subtle Pale Yellow light would glow from the wall, created by the Onyx and Bronze Ring by Markus Haase (Photo 7) creating a sublime sensation with the Cobalt Green Turquoise Samno-Attic Helmet placed in front of it (Photo 8). Next to this fusion would sit a side chair from the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo (Photo 9).  

Immersed in art

Somewhere in the dark corner of the room on a side table, two special objects would command attention with their bright colored positive energy: Scheveningen Yellow ceramic sculpture by Merete Rasmussen (Photo 10) and Cadmium Yellow Medium Glass vase by  Pamela Sabroso & Alison Siegel (Photo 11).

The next day, in this fantastic place growing in my imagination, my partner would invite friends for afternoon tea and then we would all sit down across from the large Warm Grey coffee table by Anne Barrès (Photo 12), on the comfortable White sofa seen in Nicolas Kilner booth (Photo 13) and on several Matt Anthracite stools by Nicolas Aubagnac (Photo 14). Soft light would come from the white Plexiglas, Black lacquered metal floor lamp by Pierre Guariche (Photo 15) and  Matt Black sculpture by Judi Harvest (Photo 16). The atmosphere would be joyful and creative as we all talked about art while immersed in it totally - but I won’t tell you the details of that conversation in my rich yellow tinted imagination.  

I can keep some secrets...  

The Salon Art and Design took place at the Park Avenue Armory November 8 through November 12, 2018  


1) Flesh Tint Mango colored object called "Unique" by the Haas Brothers, Hand-thrown Beyonclé, 11”x11”, year 2017, 2) 02. Unique, hand-thrown Father Vase with Matte Yellow porcelain accretion and Erbium Neck and base,18.5" H X 9" D, R & Company:, 3) Mars Cadmium Yellow chair by Steen Eiler Rasmussen, 1936, Danish, Lost City Arts:,  4) Hostler Burrows, Two Napels Yellow tables by Paulo Buffa (Italian, 1903-1970):, 5) Viridian Green ribbed soffiato glass vase, 1925-26, 13” x 8” and wine decanters, 1921-23, 6” x 4” by Vittorio Zecchin, Glass Past:, 6) Matt Black  upholstered leather form “Nwa –Mulamula Chaise” by Rich Mnisi, 2 of 8 edition, 105.5” x 51.2” x 26.8”, Southern Guild:, 7) Yellow Light LEDs, White Onyx, Bronze lighting ring by Markus Haase, 21.5”H x 8.5”W x 6”D, Todd Merrill:, 8) Cobalt Green Turquoise Samno-Attic helmet, Italic, Late fifth to early fourth century BC, Bronze, 10.9”H, Ariadne Galleries:, 9) 09. Yellow Ochre “Peacock” oak, leatherette chair from the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, 1921-25, 38” x 25 ½” x 20”, Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, LLC:, 10) Scheveningen Yellow ceramic sculpture “Fluent” by Merete Rasmussen, 11.8”H x 18”W x 15.7”D, year 2018, J. Lohmann Gallery:, 11) Cadmium Yellow Medium glass vase “Tube Pile” by  Pamela Sabroso & Alison Siegel, 17 ¼” x 12” x 13”, year 2017, Heller Gallery:, 12) Warm Grey coffee table by Anne Barrès, 16”H x 54”W x 55”D, year c. 1960, Magen H. Gallery:,13) White Joe Colombo sofa, Nicholas Kilner:, 14) Matt Anthracite stool, hand patinated Bronze by Nicolas Aubagnac, 2017, 15.7”H x 36.2”W x 18.5”D, Twenty First Gallery:, 5) White Plexiglas, Black lacquered metal floor lamp by Pierre Guariche, 46.85” H x 5.31” x 5.31”, year c. 1950, Demisch Danant:, 16) 16. Matt Black sabbiata Murano glass by Judi Harvest, 6”H x 18” x 14”D, Liz O’Brien:



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