World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 203 - Marilena Vita

Recently I saw the exhibition ‘Incontranto’ in Breed Art Studios in Amsterdam. Incontranto, curated by Luca Rezzolla,  was based on the stories of two artists, Theo van Keulen and Marilena Vita which were characterized by the joint research on the poetics of matter, both organic and inorganic.

Theo van Keulen (from the province of Brabant, Netherlands) made the installation ‘The Disappearance’ and Marilena Vita (from Italy, Sicily) the performance ‘My Flight’. Both reflected on the reality of human limitation.


Man, according to Marilena Vita, can never reach a divine state if he is unable to fly. Marilena: “Icarus, despite his father’s warnings not to approach the sun, seeks his own flight. Even though it is brief, it carries all the push for life itself. ‘The greatest tragedy for anabody arrives when you never experience the light while burning’, says Oscar Wilde.”

So flight is the experience of life itself, the journey is perdition. “We possess a body but we are not the body. The inhabited body which, like an instrument, reflects our soul. That’s what allows us to be in relation with the other human beings. Black silhouette, reflection of matter: that’s the sun’s burning heat which at the same time gives light. When I follow my vision’s image, I penetrate my true essence in all its depths. That’s thanks to those wings that I do not possess and which can never be devoured by fire.”

Sacredness vs flesh, bones and blood

Marilena Vita’s research is driven by a ‘carnal need’ for representation, she says. “Where the human figure is constantly searching for the universal self. Where flesh, bones and blood come to terms with the spirit that lives there and always accompanies humanity.” The body allows her communicate with others, through a message, it’s like a game where a component of sacredness is mixed with the earthly matter.

She is active in performance, photography, painting, and video. “Each of my works deals with essential but complex themes linked to a rethinking of a femininity, devoid of eroticism, eternally connected to a matriarchal dimension. During the staging in performance or in photography, I create a sacred space, where social or existential conflicts are re-experienced, like a transit area that always shows a way out.”


Marilena Vita is an artist since the age of eleven, when she ran away from home to avoid telling her parents that she had won the first prize in a national painting contest. She attended the National Academy of Cinematographic Arts in Bologna and the Academy of Fine Arts in Painting. She exposed in many international shows both personal and collective in Berlin, Paris, Macao -China-, Prague, Cape Town, Milan, Rome, Mons -Belgium-, Amsterdam, Labin -Croatia-, Athens, Miami, Tehran, etc.

She was invited to several Biennials, including the 1st Biennial of Industrial Art, "Beyond the image" Labin (Croatia) by Lucrezia de Domizio Durini and Giorgio Dorazio, 2016. The Sixth Jinan International Photography Biennal Exhibition Worldwide, 2016.  She won a Prize from Columbia University, New York, for video art (2009). “In 2013, I presented my artistic research at the Venice Biennale, as part of the "Education" section . I was invited by the Italian Embassy in Cape Town for the week of Italian culture in South Africa, 2012, etc. etc.”

Getting lost in the infinite

Asked for her artistic philosophy she says finally: “I am an artist who thinks and lives every day as an artist. I believe that art is a privileged way to look at life, from another dimension. It is also a condition that sends us back to a journey where the path is open to all and where it's allowed to get lost, and then find the way out by abandoning our insecurities and neurosis. The artistic image reminds us of a world we experience but allows us not to accept reality as it appears. The mind is essential to listen, dance barefoot, and get lost in the infinite."


1) Il Mio Volo, 2) Inanna, 3) Nessuno tocchi Eva, 4) Le Tre Grazie, 5) La stanza di Ade, 6) Quando Dio era femmina, 7) The play in silence, 8) Sul filo pecora nera, 9) Narcisa, 10) Approdi, 11) Without word, 12) Carosello rosso, 13) Prove di volo, 14) Marilena Vita 



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