World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 242 - Laura Iniesta

Laura Iniesta is a proud representative of Spanish, and more particularly Catalan, Barcelonese art. In her works you see the power and and the energy of the economic capital of Spain. The influences of fellow Barcelonese artist townspeople Antoni Tàpies and Joan Miró are visible.  But she has her own clear abstract expressionist signature.

But although her work could be described as abstract expressionism, the central axis of her work is the reflection of her concerns and her daily life, she says. “It is the biography of my life. I believe that the artist in his daily search, in his eagerness to understand the world around him and to understand himself, leaves, in this struggle, a testimony that is his work.”

Tropic exuberance

Her work consists of paperworks, works on canvas, murals, sometimes quite large and projects. Laura Iniesta was born in Barcelona, and her first exhibitions were held in this city. She exhibited and lived in Latin America (Colombia and Ecuador) for a long time, being impressed by the tropic exuberance, a fact which is positively reflected in her work.

Oswaldo Guayasamín

She studied In South America after she had graduated at the School of Arts and in Barcelona. Then she went to Quito, Ecuador, she studied Art at the University of Quito and worked in artists’ studios, such as the studio of the Ecuadorian master painter and sculptor of Quechua and Mestizo heritage Oswaldo Guayasamín. His example and inspiration can still be seen in her work.

Back to Barcelona

Her Mediterranean heart brought her back to Barcelona, where she definitely established her studio. This is where she currently develops her multiple exhibitions and projects at a local and international level. Her artwork, is a pictorial artwork, with a lot of strength that moves the viewer, leaving him not indiferent. Using of gestures and material, and totally contemporary, she has great visual potential and aesthetic sense.

Asked for a Key Work she says that there is not so much one work to be indicated, but there is distinctive style based on her way of making a stroke.


In 2013 she was chosen to create two murals for the expanded Shanghai campus of the prestigious China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS), a project designed by prize-winning architect I.M. Pei. It was a great experience for her. “I would say that the murals I painted in Shanghai ( marked a before and after both professionally and personally. It was a very comforting artistic experience. In addition, the time I lived in South America had a lot of influence on my work.”

Always an artist

 “I’ve always been an artist!” she finally says. “I painted my first oil at age ten.”


1) Barcelona -  Shanghai, 4x14m, 2) Dance, 130x160, 3) Decision, 60X60 cm, 4) Dreamer, 60x60 cm, 5) East, 60X60cm, 6) Magic flower, 7) RAUXA, 14x11 m. 8) SENY, 14x11 m. 9) Summer Party, 100x100, 10) The Guest, 100x100, 11) Musical, 130x195, 12) Power, 13) Tango, 130x75, 14) The New York Taxi, 100x100



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