World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 251 - Carla Iacono

Two veiled young women were looking at us at the 'Il Segreto di Eva' exhibition at Breed Art Studios. The left one, a Muslim woman with a hijab who has a sort of round durian fruit with spines in her hand, the right one a nun, with a large oval white egg. The similarities were greater than the differences. They were photos in the series ‘Re-velation’, made by Carla Iacono.  

Carla Iacono explains. “My work mainly analyzes the delicate period of adolescence and its ‘rites of passage’. It is  seen as an extraordinary moment of growth in which the effort to reach one's own identity is placed. The series Re-valation It is characterized by the presence of autobiographical elements, eg the use of my daughter as the subject of many images, to emphasize the representation and make it a concrete symbol of the delicate path that, between doubts and anxieties, leads every teenager to maturity.”  

Cultural dialogue  

The work began in 2013 and is still in progress. “In addition to the analysis of the rites of passage I face the delicate topic of the instrumentalization of cultural differences, proposing reflections on the difficulty of dialogue that increasingly generates dramatic events.”  

It was a learning process. While she was working on the subject, she taught herself the technical and substantive aspects. “In 2006 I had just started working on photography, my daughter Flora was approaching the threshold of adolescence and I was worried about being able to support her adequately in this delicate step. So I converted the concern into the realization of my first photographic projects, Synthetic Mermaids and Fairy Glaze, discovering that I could transform fear into dialogue, collaboration and art.”  

Key work  

Asked for a key work she says it is definitively the series Re-velation. “I deal with the theme of manipulating cultural differences by bringing together, with an almost anthropological approach, portraits in which Flora wears veils from different cultures (Islamic hijabs, Catholic veils, Hebrew veils and scarf of popular traditions). In many images there are significant symbols of tradition, often shared by several cultures (eg pomegranate, shell, egg).”  

With Re-velation she doesn’t have the intention to take a position on the use of the veil, but she tries to raise awareness on the need to establish mechanisms for dialogue and acceptance. “The message was greeted with interest and curiosity.“ For about two years Re-velation has been touring Museums and art venues in various Italian cities, including Genoa, Trento, Fidenza, Caltanissetta, Catania, Mussomeli, Modena, Varese. 

From engineering to the arts  

Carla Iacono has always had a great passion for art. “Since the time of high school I have been making portraits, but I did not immediately follow this path. I graduated in electronic engineering and started working in the industrial field. About fifteen years ago I felt the need to get closer to art and I started making photographic works. For several years I started using other media, including collage and installation, and collaborated as an illustrator with an independent publishing house (Fiorina Edizioni).”


We conclude with her philosophy. Carla Iacono: “My work has been defined as ‘a photograph of conceptual sign that uses a mixture of dream, irony, ambiguity and fantasy to reveal fragments of memory or unconscious that resurface in visible form from the depth of the invisible’. I find myself fully in this definition, emphasizing how for me the creative process is born fundamentally from intuitions; it can be a look, a memory, the reading of a book or the vision of an image. I often draw inspiration from literature, psychoanalysis and cinema, as in my last work, Melancholia. Beyond that there is the will to express one's ideas, to talk about oneself: also because, in my opinion, art in our time is true luxury: it allows you to say what you really feel, giving you a great sense of freedom.”  


1) Re-velation 8, Archival C-print, 2) Re-velation 10, Archival C-print, 3) Re-velation 12, Archival C-print, 4) Re-velation 13, Archival C-print, 5) Re-velation 15, Archival C-print, 6) Fairy Glaze - The Sleeping Bride, Archival C-print, 7) Antiwonderland - Femke, Archival C-print, 8) Antiwonderland - The two Ophelias -Daisies, Archival C-print, 9) Melancholia 1, stampa ai pigmenti su carta Hahnëmuhle Photo Rag, 10) Melancholia 3, stampa ai pigmenti su carta Hahnëmuhle Photo Rag, 11) Melancholia 9, stampa ai pigmenti su carta Hahnëmuhle Photo Rag, 12) Melancholia 11, stampa ai pigmenti su carta Hahnëmuhle Photo Rag, 13) Darwin’s bride 6, mixed media collage, 14) Darwin’s bride 7, mixed media collage



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