World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 317 - Jens Mohr

World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 317 - Jens Mohr

In the O.D. Gallery in Amsterdam I saw Jens Mohrs artworks in the exbition ‘Coming Together’. Jens Mohr creates strange and humorous artistic pieces out of found, everyday objects. Each one of them arises spontaneously and intuitively. His work resembles the work of the Dutch artist Carolien Adriaansche, who also works with found objects, but it is different, it has its own style.

For the most part, Jens uses the items in the original conditions in which he found them. His independent creatures have expressive characters.

A deeper view in the essence of beings

Jens Mohr is working in Bonn, Germany. When I speak to him he is in Portugal. With his works he wants to achieve a deeper view in the core, the essence of living things, including humans, he says. in particular he wants to get hold of the mind.    

Prof. Dr. Martin Booms, philosopher in Bonn, says about Jens’ work: “If someone asks me what the international artist Jens Mohr actually does with his art, I can only think of one answer: he makes "beings". First of all, this has a tangible meaning: because what is created here is a host of literally peculiar, sometimes elusive, but always strangely familiar looking pictorial beings. The crucial point in Jens Mohr's work on beings, however, lies deeper; it refers to the philosophical depth dimension of this “artistry of essence”: for the essence of a thing is the cardinal, the true, which of its own cannot be seen forthwith, but can express itself only in the embodied surface of things. The essence is at the same time that which, as if from the depth of an invisible centre, combines all visible parts on the surface into a meaningful entirety.”

The banal becomes essential

Martin Booms continues: “Nothing could better describe what Jens Mohr's art is all about. For here an almost magical transformation occurs: the completely meaningless, in the direct sense “refused” bits that form the bodies of his figures – the discarded tin can, the bent metal scrap, the battered piece of unearthed timber – dissolve almost completely in the eye of the beholder, indeed they almost disappear as he looks at the soul of what they express in their artistic combination. In Jens Mohr's work, the banal becomes something essential in a wonderful manner. And at the same time, his art is the clearly perceptible proof that the whole is indeed always more than the sum of its parts.

If art is nothing other than the magic of making the essential visible, then one understands what the artist Jens Mohr is: precisely that, a "Wesen"-maker – a maker of “essence”, a maker of “beings”./  – bringing the essential into being(s).”

A free life with low consumption

Jens Mohr is working on his creatures for more than 14 years. His work is his passion. He is a self-taught artist who can live from his work. Jens: “It is a free life with low consumption. I love it.”

He participated in shows in the Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia and Austria.   



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