World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 320 - SHN Art Collective Brazil

World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 320 - SHN Art Collective Brazil

Eduardo Saretta is one of the artists of SHN Art Collective Brazil. I saw their work in the recent exhibition at the O.D. Gallery ‘Coming Together’.

SHN originated in the city of Americana, São Paulo, Brazil in 1998, SHN emerged from the industrial waste of a silk-screen industry. The idea to make stickers and posters to wet paste on the streets permeates all the activities of the team. SHN is an art collective, or team of friends, that went to the school of the do-it-yourself and the counterculture together. The whole imaginary is developed around the hardcore and independent rock ideology.

Daily life

Eduardo Saretta: “The central theme of the body of the SHN collective work is daily life: the repetition and the diversity of the time and events.” And of course also silkscreen. “Despite of being ‘just’ a technique we think silkscreen gave the core of  the language we developed and consequently to the subject matter of our work. The study of history and design also permeates the solution of a painting, product or an icon.”

Why the focus on the everyday? “Its everything we get and have to deal with, everyday. It is an exercise of repetition and learning from the amount of time and from different places.” 


Is there a key work in the total oeuvre? Eduardo: “It think it’s a sticker with the design of a skull. It sums up everything we do and used to do. It’sthe core of our work and a simple art piece reproduced already more than 1 million times as a 9x9cm paper sticker printed on 2 colors (black and red) on flexography.”

Since 1998 they act as a group. “In the first moment very organic. We weren’t organized to be an art collective, but after a time we got it like our lifestyle and goal of work and meaning of life. Since then we live on it and work 24/7 on our art projects.”

Obrigado vida!!!  

Does he have a nice philosophical last word? Eduardo: “Obrigado vida!!!  - that means thanks life!!! We are very thankful for the journey we are having and sharing with other people on this time!


Multidisciplinary art group, originated in the city of Americana, São Paulo. At the initial nucleus, formed by architect Haroldo Paranhos, the historian Eduardo Saretta, and video maker Marcelo Fazolin. The group was created in order to bring people together around an ideology inspired by DIY and expressed by an collective and experimental art. For many years, its members experienced collaborative processes, integrating work and personal community, mobilizing local and international partners and admirers. Today, after 22 years together, the Collective has earned its own space within the original and traditional circuit of contemporary art, in addition to relevant actions in the international arena of Urban Art.



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