World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 323 - Alex Senna

World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 323 - Alex Senna

In the O.D. Gallery in Amsterdam I saw Alex Senna’s artworks in the exbition ‘Coming Together’. They were works in black and white showing silhouette-like people in the city with shadows. These people, young, old and in-between are sometimes alone, but mostly together. Occasionnally we see also animals, especially birds. The images radiate intimacy and love.

Alex Senna is a Brazilian Street artist born in 1982 in Orlândia and working in Sao Paulo. His works can be seen all over the world. Alex is colorblind, so is is not strange that most of the works are in black and white.

Memories and emotions

How would Alex Senna describe his theme? Alex Senna: “My central theme is memories and emotions.  I retrieve images from my own past and present, and mix them with a different eye of that what I see.  I make my art as a large cut of everyday moments and images, always in black and white.”

His works are about what he sees and what he feels. “I imagine that by putting my cards on the table, I can be clear and objective with the audience, putting up a present dialogue, always with ideas and reflections.”

An 18 story building

His key work hangs on the wall of a very high flat, 18 stories, in Odintsovo, Russia. We see a couple embracing each other. The woman stands on her tiptoes and a bird flutters around with great pleasure. Further down we see at left the buses of the city and a large a colorful artwork with flags and paintings on the corner of apartment building. On the right we see the trees of the city park. 

How did he learn the profession? Alex: “I was influenced by my mother and brother, I have always been in the habit of drawing throughout my life.  But only in 2009 did painting become my main focus.  From then on, painting on the streets became my lifestyle, I got to know my city, Sao Paulo,  through graffiti and street art.  This exchange with other artists and the thirst for painting increasingly led me to paint at major events and to illustrate products from major brands.”

Learning and overcoming difficulties

He  thinks an artist's journey comes from his baggage. “Mine I've been building since I started painting in the streets.  That was in 2004, since then, I've painted in over 25 countries around the world.  The experience of being in a different place, learning new languages, and overcoming difficulties are some of the countless experiences that happen when you open up to the world.”

Alex Senna: “I just hope to continue doing what I like for as long as possible.”


1) Sao Paulo 1, 2) Street Art Museum Amsterdam_Photo by Natalia Loyola, 3) Detroit 1, 4) Hong Kong 1, 5) Kansas City 1, 6) Lima 1, 7) Napoli 1, 8) NYC 1, 9) Russia, 10) Sculpture Sao Paulo 1, 11) Canvas 2, 12) Sculpture 2, 13) Canvas 1, 14) Alex Senna, photo by Stuart Heidmann




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