World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 49 - Janneke Hogerheijde

Janneke Hogerheijde is a yarn artist. She makes abstract, figurative and spatial art. Not that long ago I saw her work at Cultural Center Over-Entinghe in Dwingeloo. It is particularly original work, in many colors.

She is fascinated by lines, she says. ‘I start with a line, with the sewing machine, thus creating a story. The lines do not have to be perfect, my preference is for imperfect lines.’ Space fascinates her too. She makes drawings with yarn threads. She has no design and tries as much as possible to put a single line on the canvas. She likes to be surprised when she works.

Distance, proximity and imperfection

Janneke Hogerheijde: ‘I find it exciting when things are not right. What begins to emerge and what happens next? The end product should be harmonious with parts that are not right. The play element is important to me. It gives me a lot of freedom.’

Her theme is space. ‘Distance ánd proximity. And imperfection. She doesn’t follow an example. In the past she once in a while took as example a picture of a building, or decaying houses, starting with the perimeter, but soon noted that something else happened. ‘Then I let it go. In this way I don’t have the pressure that it matches well.’    

At an exhibition, as in Over-Entinghe and at present at the Town Hall of Diever, she invites people to come and get closer to the work. ‘Then you see things you do not see at first. ‘This I have never seen’, I often hear.’ 

Henny Wouda, Francis Kilian and Méér dan ….

She also works with acrylic and chalk, but at the moment it is mainly thread. Last year, she has submitted an artwork for Hague Municipal Museum’s Summer Expo.  «Light» it was called, in bright fluorescent green, lime green’. An abstract work. It was not selected, but was to be seen in a broadcast of AVRO’s Kunstuur. If asked to designate a key work , it would be this work. ‘But you can only see it well after a few years.’

She started her artistic career ten years ago. Before that she was a kindergarten teacher, for 25 years. Janneke: ‘I studied Creative Therapy in Leeuwarden. Then I followed workshops at the now deceased textile artist Henny Wouda. It immediately appealed to me. For my further development I followed painting classes at Francis Kilian, also from Meppel. I started combining these two techniques, painting and thread.’

Then she did the art training Méér dan …. in Groningen and Beilen, a three year program. Last year she got her Master. ‘Your scope is deepened. I was looking for that.’ Looking back on her work, she recognizes a way of making lines that started six / seven years ago. ‘I recognize some of my own handwriting. But I do apply it in another way now.’

Slightly longer watching

She already participated in the Spirit festival, Feest van de Geest. Next year she likes to participate as well. She is a member of Open Ateliers Dwingeloo and Beeldend Collectief Drenthe. ‘I invite people to watch a little longer to let themselves be surprised and inspired. That also has to do with my experience as a kindergarten teacher. The wonder of children is wonderful. It is nice if you can also bring it about in adults.’ 

Currently Janneke Hogerheijde along with ceramist Nirdosh Petra Heesebeen has an exhibition in the town hall of Diever. It lasts until August 17, 2015.




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