World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 57 - Jacques Charlier

In the stairwell of the Belgian Embassy in The Hague there is the work Chez Campbell, a painting Jacques Charlier made in 2011. Middle left is a large orange sun-like globe, on which a man with suit and necktie is trying to stride forth with outstretched arms.  The globe is surrounded by several small purple seal-like creatures, black elongated geometric figures, one of which resembles a giraffe and about five bright yellow suns.

Jack Charlier is a versatile artist. He makes drawings, paintings, photographs, he composes songs and he makes films and videos. He is completely self-taught. At a young age, he had two dreams: to work in a store where food was being sold or being an artist. He chose the latter, there was “Total freedom” there.  See the You Tube film. 

The art world

Jacques Charlier was born in 1939 in Liege. In 1960 he began his artistic activities. He wanted, at all costs, to realize the dreams of his youth. On any idea he took the medium best suited to the idea. Then he made the choice for the best match.

In this way he chose alternately painting, photography, video, music, writing, sculpture, installations, comics and advertising. Jack Charlier took easily the language of different styles and times to emphasize and to make a caricature of the contradictions and regressions of the dominant market. He always looked at the art world and the so-called avant-garde movements with a critical eye.  

No key work yet

Asked about the central theme in his work, he says: ‘Art, art history, the art World and the art market.’ Art is central. A key work in his oeuvre, he can not identify yet. ‘It will only be visible if you overlook my entire work. That moment comes when I am gone.’

Jacques Charlier lives in Liege, but he doesn’t feel himself a Liege artist. This he likes to have said.




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