Gérard Garouste | Centre Pompidou Paris

Gérard Garouste | Centre Pompidou Paris

The retrospective dedicated to Gérard Garouste, one of the greatest contemporary French painters and proponent of uncompromising figuration, brings together 120 major paintings, often in very large format, and presents installations, sculptures and graphic works by the artist.


It allows visitors to apprehend the full richness of the unclassifiable career of Gérard Garouste, “the restless”, whose life of study, but also of madness, and enigmatic oeuvre mutually inspire one another in a fascinating dialogue.

Born in 1946, Gérard Garouste affirmed his decision to be a painter of a unique kind, in its most classical sense, early on. This position gave him the freedom to fully devote himself to painting, which he successively rooted in mythology, literature, the biblical narrative and Talmudic studies. Although he offers a few keys to understanding his paintings, he prefers to encourage reflection and a personal reading of his work.

Even so, his works remain unclassifiable: elusive in their purpose, they are impressive pieces of figurative painting.


7 september 2022 / 2 januari 2023
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