Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #5

This is it, my friend, the end of the first half of the 2009-2010 Amsterdam Art Season. It seems like it was only yesterday when the leaves were still on the trees and flowers were in bloom, but time has a way of passing on where the minutes turn to hours and hours into days and, damn, the next thing you know is you are having another birthday.

For kids, time passes at a snails pace and when we are adults it accelerates to faster than a speeding train and, still later---and into what is now referred to as "middle age---" time goes to a velocity equal to a supersonic jet with their afterburners ignited. So, what does all this have to do with art? Everything, of course. You have to hurry if you are to buy something in the year 2009; and to support an artist, his family and society in general. What is a society without art? A soulless shell of philistine values. Fight this plague on the human race and BUY art!!! 


Bits & Pieces:
Review: Of a candy shop...Beware, this will make your mouth water
Review: Prince Clause Award Program 2009 (See: What You Missed Last Week: Wednesday)
What You Missed Last Week:
What Is Happening This week:


Andy's oft quoted axiom is that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Reality TV is based on that premise. Now, for the next step. Everyone can be an "artist." "Hong Kong's thriving art scene is producing ways to enjoy the artistic experience. One of the pioneers in this area is a studio called Art Jamming (www.artjamming.com). Its model is simple: Pay one fee (starting at 400 Hong Kong dollars, or about $50), and you get a painting space complete with a blank, stretched canvas; an easel; brushes; and unlimited acrylic paint. It's wonderful to see both adults and children delight in flexing their creative muscles. At the end of the session, the studio will help you box your fresh artwork to transport home." (Int Herald Tribune, 12th Dec; www.iht.com). 
...And, speaking of Andy...Deborah Soloman reviews "Painting Below Zero: Notes on a life in Art," by James Rosenquist; "Pop. The Genius of Andy Warhol," by Tony Scheran and David Dalton; and "Andy Warhol," by Arthur C. Danto" in an integrated article. The newspaper piece includes a photo of Rosenquist and his mother (c 1954) in front of a Coca Cola sign he painted in Minneapolis." It is about 15 meters across. (Int Herald Tribune, 12th Dec.)
The Prince Claus Fund sponsored a talk with Jorge Villacorta, a Peruvian curator. Peru for all its riches---read, oil---is still an undeveloped country. It has a population of nearly 30 million people but no contemporary art museum. In fact, in Lima, with a population of 8.5 million there are only about a dozen commercial art galleries and about ten non-profit "art spaces." In 1960, an initiative was introduced to build a contemporary art museum, but it wasn't until 1998 that a plan was developed on how to pay for its construction. Artist put up works to be auctioned off. It raised about $500,000. The building began, but, as of today, there is only a skeleton structure that has been erected. The money is gone. No matter, since there is still no plan on how to pay for the operation of the museum nor any suggestions on how to buy and build it. Compare this with China where there are 1,000 new museums being built. This is an example of only one of many projects that the Prince Claus Fund is pursuing and making known to a wider audience. https://bit.ly/2LhADq4  
Turner nominees: see at www.global.nytimes.com/arts. And...the winner is..."Richard Wright, 49, [who] is known for painstakingly made, intricate, often jeweled-colored wall paintings." 
Last week, 3D received a reminder from Aschenbach & Hofland Galleries that the Jan ven der Ploeg exhibition will close on the 19th December. I was in the neighborhood, last Saturday, and decided to see "The Wall" for a third and final time. The gallery was empty which made for easy viewing. 3D gave the show three WOWs; and there are 11 red dots. Others seem to have agreed. 
ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS: The board of "FOTOSOMMER Stuttgart 2010 Award Show" is now accepting submissions for their "overview of contemporary photography" until 13th February, 2010. First prize 2,500 euro with two other prizes. More info: https://bit.ly/2uxRXjr 
The Candy Shop Review: METROPOLITANDELI 

Last year, at this time, at Serieuze Zaken Studioos there was a chocolate man making delicacies that, well, melted on your tongue. 3D made comments at the time. Last August, I received an announcement that Kees Raats was opening a shop next door to W139. To be exact: Warmoesstraat 135. Last week, I went by to check it out. But I started with his home made ice cream. 3D probably appreciates fine ice cream more than exceptional chocolate. And if you are looking for the unusual try the pear ice cream or the lemon cake (with a small chunk of cake), banana, zuppa in glace and chocolate that is more chocolate than chocolate. Yeah, it's that tasty. All are made from the natural fruit; no additives, no flavoring, no kidding! (One scoop !@ 1.50; three scoops @ 3.50 euro). Do you like cookies that taste and have the texture of fudge? The Choco Cookie are an outstanding taste treat and only one euro.

Then there is his series of Metropolitan Chocolates which got 3D's attention last year. He uses six cities as inspiration: Amsterdam, Miami, Tokyo, Babylon, Naples and Mexico City. "Tokyo" is made from ginger and sesame sauce; "Mexico City" from fermented peppers and green tomatoes. Kid you not...And are they tasty? Devilishly so. (One piece @ 1.25 euro; 8 pieces for 6.95 euro.) There is also an incredible "warm chocolate" drink that is more like sipping a chocolate sauce. Three sizes: small, medium and large @ 2, 3 and 4 euro. You can get your daily fruit fix by ordering a ripe banana dipped in warm chocolate; or dipped strawberries or pineapple. (2.50 euro). Are you addicted to poffeetjes those little silver dollar size pancakes? They are fried in butter and you can top the finished dish with the traditional powder sugar and butter or warm chocolate (.50 cents euro extra) or ice cream (1.50 euro extra).

Then for a drink treat that you can prepare quickly at home, MetropolitanDeli has a selection of Beck's Cocoa drinks made from cocoa, sugar, essences and spices with sea salt added. No preservatives, no "Es" nor additives. They come in selections like: "My heart asks pleasure" (Veilchen); and "As I went out walking" (Lavendal). and "Chill Bill." Add two teaspoons of the power top with warm milk or not too cold milk and enjoy. And until Christmas there is a special price on gift packages. The more you put into the package, the cheaper it is per piece. Tailor make your package. That makes it real personal.


"The Extralight Project" at the Noorderkerk was a one night event and experience. One of the impetuses for 3D to attend was the fact that I had never been in this particular church and was curious. I still am! Outside the church we saw four large arc spotlights, in banks of two, and at either side of the structure aimed at the windows of the church. They provided the interior illumination. Inside was like being in the middle of a dense London fog. Visibility was no more than 15 or 20 meters. As to the 100 clergy and theologians that were to be in attendance they may or may not have been. Nor did 3D experience any epiphany nor encounter any angels nor devils. But there was an eerie and haunting sensation that was pleasant if not disconcerting.

At W139 (Warmoesstraat 139 and next door to MetroloitanDeli) ) is the video work of Dafna Maimon that "are studies of the behaviour, language use and body language of young, emerging artists...In her videos [she] sets characters and extras in filmic settings." Well, what you see are 10 large screens (about 1.5x2 meters) that form a circle in the big gallery room. You view them from the "back" and each is showing a different film or maybe a different scene from the same film. Until 17th January. https://bit.ly/2JitdRx 
Arti et Amicitiae (Rokin 112) hung their annual members' group show. Wish they hadn't! Not that there is not good work---and sometimes even outstanding pieces---on view, but with about 150 artists and art works, it is impossible to see anything. And to add to that difficulty was the fact that both galleries were very crowded with not only the artists but there family, friends and ex-partners, et al. Until 4th January. https://www.arti.nl/ 
KAHMANN GALLERY (Lindegracht 35) hangs vintage and current work by photographers' in their collection. As always, the photos are almost exclusively in b/w with the except of Robert van der Hilst's and a work by Hannes Wallrafen. Both are classic photos by these two exceptional photographers. Wallrafen shows the horse jumping over a table in a room. 3D's first thought it was done with PhotoShop, but since the date listed was "1992" it wasn't. He later told me that it was a "real time" photo. No transposed negatives; no nothings. (100x100cms., Ed 25 @ 3.500 euro.) Rutger ten Broeke's example is "Irma Sequentiakl Torso, Baarlo" which resembles in some ways motion photography (119x151 cms., Ed 15 @ 6,500 euro.) Kees Scheerer shows a "vintage" photo of Amsterdam taken in 1965; and there is an Eva Besnyö example from 1931 on view. (40.7x50.5 cms., Ed 3, "1931" printed later; @ 4,500 euro.) Until ___?___. https://www.kahmanngallery.com/ 
De Brakke Grond (neé VCC, Nes 45) presents "Please Please Me" by Michaël Aerts which was billed as being heavy on SM and the erotic...but, hey, you can take the kids. The closest he gets to "erotic" is with a couple of drawings of mushrooms that resemble penises. But 3D is getting ahead of the story. The big gallery is the focus exhibition and there was theatrical smoke and spotlights trained on objects all in b/w and silver. This is referred to as the "SM-darkroom." Three are paper masché boulders; strange rectangular objects looking like elaborate bird-cages without the wire mesh; and a skull like object in black with a noose around where you would expect the neck to be. The crowning touch was a plus/minus five meter high obelisk and atop it was a torso like object minus the head. Lion heads decorated each of the four sides rather dramatically. And to keep you entertained you were issued earphones which allowed you to take advantage of the "silent dj" spinning his discs from high above the floor. 

Aerts hangs several drawings in a smaller gallery. They are all in b/w with many shades of gray. The imagery ranges from the "penis mushrooms" to an umbrella to a king's crown to a c.1930s Mercedes-Benz grill, et al. His style is a 19th century classical one which is interspersed with cartography and Escher like geometric squares. Two large drawings---b/w washes---are reminiscent of the terror seen in the faces present on a Delacroix or Goya painting. What makes it all the more weird is that while you may abhor the subject matter and resulting imagery you will admire his meticulous technique. Disturbing, but captivating. 

There was a performance in the front courtyard of VCC. It was the artist in a sword duel with another person. Convincing and well executed. It was professionally choreographed. There was ominous background music provided by two very large speakers. It all resulted in an unsettled stand-off; and no one got hurt. Until 17th., January. https://bit.ly/1Th5K2k 
LUX Photo Gallery announced a new space in the Het Sieraad building; and it was not difficult to find since it was directly across the hall from the previous location. Lucia Ganieva shows under the title "Iron Mules." The photographer visited villages n Russia and hangs the ten color photos that resulted. The theme is very simple in that she captured individuals and their families grouped around their chief means of transportation: A motorcycle. (30x40 cms., Ed. 5; #1&2 @ 900 euro; 60x80 cms., Ed. 5 #1&2 @ 1,500 euro. Prices increases as first numbers are sold.) 

Ferit Kuyas calls his exhibition "City of Ambition-Fast Forward in China." The city of Chongqing 3D is not familiar with. This is surprising because the liner notes pointed out that it has a population of 32 million. That's four times New York City's. It is in Southwest China and one of the country's fastest growing cities. The photographer trained as an architect and studied law in Zurich but now devotes full time to photography. As to the work, the viewer can sense this rapid development of the city because nearly every photographic image is nearly a blur or looks like a dense fog has covered the city. But it is only smog. ("Small Edition" 64x80 cms., Ed. 10 @ 2,000 euro for #1,2&3; "Large Edition"100x120 cms., Ed 5., #1&2 @ 3,900 euro. Prices increases as first numbers are sold.) 

While 3D was in the area I visited a gallery where I had missed the opening; something I rarely do. The reason for this exception was the gallery holder of MLB Expositieruimte (Witte de Withstraat 32) had e-mailed me last week to say that 11 pieces were sold at the opening. Hmmm. 3D loves 'em red dots and this sounded like a bad case of the measles, so I went to check it out. Minka van Stoutenburg hangs portrait drawings and acrylic paintings. All of which are little more than quick sketches. She says none took more than one hour. However, she has discovered a novel way to expose them. She tears out the image from the paper and hangs several in a group of ten or so which are overlapped and in a random arrangement. What results is a rather haphazard mixed media collage. Nice. There is also a series of aquarelle landscapes. Oh yeah, by the time I arrived there were 14 red dots. Go, girl go! Until ___?___. www.minka-vanstoutenburg.nl, https://bit.ly/2zzw6O6 
SEELEVEL Photo Gallery (TrouwAmsterdam Building, Wibautstraat 127) is something new in the way art is being sold. It is being promoted as an "online" gallery, but there was an opening for this first exhibition. 3D did e-mail to ask if this would be an exception or if they would have openings in the future but got no reply. There was a postcard placed strategically around the space in DeTrouwAmsterdam basement, but it only lead to more confusion. Ten photos were reproduced with the photographer's name beneath each. Unfortunately, a couple of them were not in the show and a couple in the show were not on the card. Weird! 

Popel Coumou specializes in what 3D would describe as colors studies in lighting contrast. Form is the subject matter of the composition more so than what is pictured like a person or a room. But it is the lighting that dramatically illuminates the different aspects. Sort of like film noir in color. (47.5x70 cms., Ed 5, C-print, @ 750 euro; 130x70 cms., @ 1,650 euro.)...Sofie Knijff does portraits of Mali (Africa) children. How these photos deviate from the norm is that she asks them to dress in a way that will illustrate their dreams for their future. 3D asked about two young girls with painted faces and was told that they wished to become the village shaman and practice traditional "medicine" or Voodoo. But what really gets your attention are their eyes: alert, idealistic, optimistic and even skeptical and knowing. (54x80 cms., Ed/ 10, C-print @ 850 euro.)...Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk creates conceptual imagery where the subject matter is a mystery. The emphasis is on the contrast whether in b/w or color. (100x80 cms., Ed. 5 @ 1,700 euro.)...Daniëlle van Ark photographs women "of a certain age" hands. They are wearing their favorite rings, bracelets and watches of silver, gold and precious stones...Annick Ligtermoet looks like she walked from a time machine. Her photos resemble styles and techniques from a hundred years ago, but with a contemporary composition and edge. Until 22nd Dec.There is an "artist talk" for this weekend. Details below at "19th., Dec." See www.seelevel.nl or e-mail to: look@seelevel.nl 

Storm (Derde Oosterparkstrat 201) hangs several artists and different styles in this group show. Tjalf Melle is both a painter and sculptor. The paintings are representational linear abstractions in colors reminiscent of Dirk Breed (1920-2004), a Friesland artist. That is, they are bright, bold and in deep shades of color. The artists paints houses as the imagery from several different perspectives which creates the linear abstraction. The sculptured pieces are more straight forward in their representational aspect, but still unusual and unexpected and tend towards the minimal. (50x50 cms., oil, @ 200 euro; 60x90 cms., oil @ 650 euro; construction piece, 175x50x50 cms., @ 1,400 euro.)...Scattered through the gallery was the work of Juliette van de Walle. The artist takes the same form---a child's stuffed animal with only one front leg and one back---and represents it in several different coverings which range from a Scottish plaid to leopard like to monochromatic gray. However, it is how she displays them that gets your attention. They are attached to the wall as if climbing it or placed in unexpected locations. She has fashioned a study in conceptual redundancy by stacking these two legged animals one atop the other the end result is that it resembles a ladder. (215x48x11 cms., @ 595; 48x40x11 cms., @ 45 euro.)

Paul Versteegh paints expressionistic landscapes, in oil, with strong and assertive colors which result in imagery like a work of abstraction. (60x110 cms., 950 euro.)...Thea Bonnecroy sculpts in stone and marble. A torso in the rough represents an "earth mother" figure. Other pieces are free form and conceptual. (11x23x30 cms., @825; 45x23x20 cms., @ 995 euro.)...Giancarlo Pazzanese does something completely different. He takes "cushions" like those found on chairs (each is about five cms., thick and rounded) and transfers a digital print of puppet like figures then adds paint to emphasize certain aspects of the figuration. (60x80 cms., mixed media @ 695 euro.) As you can see all the prices are very reasonable. Who says you can't afford to buy art? Until ___?___  

Prince Claus Fund (Herengracht 603) presents the work of Chinese artist Liang Shaoji who takes a traditional and utilitarian technique---the manufacturing of silk with silkworms---and makes it avant gardé and conceptual. Neat trick. When 3D read the description of his technique, on the invite, I was left with a hoo-hum impression. On viewing it, I was surprised that he makes it work. Some of the forms he uses are iron rods which are used to reinforce concrete in building construction. The worms have covered the forms in a creative way and with unusual result. There are about 100 bamboo stalks that vary from a few centimeters high to over 50 cms., and, again, each has been transformed into something unusual. 

He has also taken copper tubing which has been shaped into chain link like segments---and hung from the ceiling---and released the silk worms. The end result is haunting and mysterious. There is one with eight links that expresses itself from different perspectives because of the irregularity of the silk wrappings. Then there are the 20 copper wire miniature "beds" and each covered in a silk "blanket." A video is available that focuses on a silkworm at work. Until 14th March. https://bit.ly/2LhADq4 

...More from Prince Claus Fund. The 2009 Awards Ceremony was held at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. The program was about 90 minutes long and there wasn't a dull moment. Prince Constantijn addressed the audience as to the goal of the fund's 2009 award: "The Fund wanted to address this sometime contentious relationship of the environment of man and the environment of nature because both are intrinsically linked: and because any form of development (be it economic, societal, or cultural) will be affected by its interaction with the natural surroundings. Culture and nature are inseparable concepts; historically presenting a struggle of man with his environment." How true are these words. The world is faced with the challenge of dealing with climatic realities and sustaining its development. At time these two position seem to be juxtaposed to the other. But in reality they feed on each other. In the words of the Prince he created an analogy that Amsterdamers can relate to: "This town used to build our houses on stilts to avoid getting our feet wet. Now we build an underground only to see our houses sink. Where once only nomads roamed in an often desperate search for fresh water, we now find the highest skyscraper in the world and a covered ski slope." 

Amazing how man not only adapts to his environment but also reinvents it to suit his purpose and to provide him pleasure. The Prince tied all this to the recipient by saying that "Velez created a unique joinery system, which enhances not only the plant's [bamboo] strength, durability and flexibility but also its aesthetic appeal---its poetry---as a modern design material. He merges high technology with sustainability; global thinking with regional traditions. He is providing an example for future generations of architects that are striving for the reduction of the carbon footprint." 

The recipient of this year's award is Simón Vélez, a Colombian architect who uses simple bamboo which grows on over 35 million acres (14 million hectares) of the earth. It is sturdy and flexible and he creates a way to enhance its strength by inserting cement into its core. He has created a durable material that can be used in many parts of the world as a cheap source of material. He had "recognized the difficulties of modern construction methods and sought a viable alternative. His answer: bamboo." 

On accepting the award, he told the standing room only audience that this award had captured the attention of the Colombian government who, in turn, has now appointed him to draw up the guide lines of using this material for the construction of buildings, bridges and other spaces. He added that it was his dream to build a bridge in Amsterdam using bamboo. Well, that may soon come to pass since he has already been awarded a commission to build an outdoor theater in North Amsterdam. Bamboo is cheap, renewable and produces needed oxygen, as it grows, and exudes virtually no carbon dioxide. The future is NOW. 

The afternoon event was attended by the Queen Beatrix, and her son William-Alexander and his wife Máxima plus the rest of the clan. At the reception, that followed, 3D found himself at the highest level balcony and was studying the interior engineering design of the roof. At one point, I scanned the immediate area around me and discovered that I was standing about two or three meters away from the Queen. She was not surrounded by people and talking only to one person. Well, in the past, 3D has taken advantage of serendipitous moments like this one to introduce myself. But, for once in his life, he was at a loss for words. What do you say to a Queen? Fortunately, nothing came to mind. I was outta-my-league. Slowly, I moved away and about five meters on I found I was now only meters away from William-Alexander (he's putting on weight) and his attractive wife. Oops, again. I made a hard left. 

Later, when I related the incident to a Dutch person, they informed me that proper protocol is NOT to address the Queen until she addresses you. Whew! Thank God for my inability to open my mouth. 

I forgot to mention a few major parts of the program. A young Palestine man (late teens) sang a poignant song describing an aggressive air raid over the Gaza Strip. The program was opened and closed by The Omnibus Ensemble from Uzbekistan which consisted of about 20 members. Twelve were on stage and the other eight strategically placed throughout the audience. The audience was also active participants having been issued a flute like instrument on entry and given instruction on how to participate. Overall, it was an impressive event and the award was well deserved.

(Today, Thursday, 17th December, 3D attended a talk given by Simón Vélez. I will report on that with the first list of 2010.) 


Reminder: When you see (?) beware! Beware because the info could be wrong. Tsk, tsk. And the "*" indicates that the times may not be correct. Life is hard, folks.

THURSDAY: 17th December, 2009
THURSDAY: 17th December, 2009 

17-19:00 Galerie Paul Andriesse (Withoedenveem 8, Detroit Building). "25 or 30 Years Gallery," is the first part of three exhibitions to celebrate their anniversary. "Key figures from the early years of the gallery like Erik Andriesse, René Daniels, Marlene Dumas, Jo Baer, et al." will show. 

17:30 "foam" (Keizersgracht 609). "Diewertje Komen and Elian Somers Launch Foam Album 09" + the exhibition "foam_3h: Concrete Dreams" is their vision of the urban landscape." Also, Alexander Rodchenko (1891-1956), a leading member of the Russian avant-garde, with a retrospective of 200 of his vintage photos. https://bit.ly/2Lavlwl 

20:00 PLANETART: Medialab (Volkskrantgebouw, Wibautstraat 150). The opening features a film and "freak show." "An exposition: DOLLMATRIXX, Cyrille Scheepers, Marc Mijl. An evening with Mickey Mouse in Nazi outfit, totally mashed up afterbirth, anal game of goose..." ENOUGH!!! You wanna read more see: http://www.planetart.nl/ 

20:00 BeemsterArtCentre (Sint Nicolaasstraat 21). The closing for Adil Elsanousi and Gregory Koheter. A talk by Paul Faber, curator of the Tropen Museum. No website address on invite.

20:15 SmartProjectSpace (A. Biemondstraat 105) A film, "New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art." "The first documentary to explore the rising popularity of underground art, its integration into pop culture and the essence of Low Brow Art/Pop Surrealism." https://bit.ly/2ufXTyc. (Once again, SPS's invite failed to say if this is FREE or if there is an admission fee. 3D has e-mailed them and hopefully the mystery will be solved before this is sent...But you never know.)...(But now we do...There has been no response to my inquiry of yesterday. 3D gets NO respect! Go at your own risk! And if they charge you: COMPLAIN! Stand up for you rights!...and slip out the back Jack.

20:30 Punt WG (M.v.B. Bastiaanestraat 15). "Rummy Night." Music, dance and voice performance. FREE. (They did include the magic word...See some people do it RIGHT.) https://puntwg.nl/ 

FRIDAY: 18th December
FRIDAY: 18th December 

19-20:30 "de Appel arts centre" (N.B. @ A&C Building, Damrak 70, 6th floor, film room). The launch for the "Iditorial," by F.R. David. "F.R. David" is a journal in the English language...that focuses on the 'status' of writing on the contemporary art practices." www.deappel.nl/publications.

19:00 Instituto Italiano (Keizersgracht 564). Christmas reception. 

SATURDAY: 19th December
SATURDAY: 19th December 

15:00 Galerie Utrecht (Prinsengracht 572). Maya Kulenovic, "V.E.R.N.I.S.S.A.G.E."  

16-18:00 Galerie Clement (Prinsengracht 843). Jack Prins, 3D objects...No! No! Not me! I 'm not an object...I'm...a...but I digress...Also, Saskia Jetten, drawings. ww.galerie-clement.nl 

16:00 Eduard Planting Fine Art Photography (1e Bloemdwarsstraat2). Six photographers including Paul Huf. https://bit.ly/2lZLxFJ 

16:30-17:30 SeeLevel (@ TrouwAmsterdam, Wibautstraat 127, basement). Presents an "artist talk" on photography. FREE, but RSVP to: look@seelevel.nl 

17-20:00 "Kultuur. proeflokaal." "Art exhibition, performance, music and words." Five artists participate. This is the third presentation of six scheduled. "All openings with music, words, food and performances." https://bit.ly/2zFCkw0 

SUNDAY: 20th December
SUNDAY: 20th December 

15:00 De Service Garage (Stephenson 16). "Finissage" (closing of exhibition party) for "Let's Take It Outside." At 15:00, there is the presentation of "a performance film and Q&A [session] by Fraser Stewart." Also, a talk by Maurice van Daalen of Het Blinde Huis. Nearly forgot, "Glühwein" on tap. https://bit.ly/2m7z16Y 

16:00 VKGallery (Ceintuurbaan 264). "Memory Fragments," by Victoria Kovalenchikova celebrates the first anniversary of her gallery with music by singer/song writer Jacob Arch. http://vkgallery.nl/ 

16:00 "galerie FW:BK" (Zwanenburgwal 186). Five artists show paintings, sculpture work and collages in a show titled, "ABSTRACT TRUTH." https://fwbk.nl/ 

It's holiday time...3D takes his winter break and disappears for a couple of weeks while he goes into hibernation, deliberation, consolation, regeneration and...Well, more about that next year. Happy holidays and may 2010 be the year of your dreams..."Hey, Santa is there room in your sleigh?...What do you mean your saving it for a pretty lady...?"

Photo: 3D as seen at De Brakke Grond's "SM-darkroom" for Michaël Aerts' exhibition "Please Please Me." It is billed as focusing on "SM and Bondish" to which 3D asks, "Doesn't anyone practice the missionary position anymore?", Photo by Piet van der Meer