'It is for You' by Mara Lemanis

'It is for You' by Mara Lemanis


It is for You


It is for you
I stand in silence

a million sierras
through my skin
you do not hear
it is midwinter
and I pause
heralding the sign
you draw in silence
as you wake 
from slumber 

I blow a kiss
as close as 
earth to fire
as still as snow
in solstice
I will bless
and forge
the ancient love
inside the foundry 
your volcano world
will trust as 
as a birth
brand new

but it is old 
as rebirth
the slow return
eternal as your axis
tilting at the disk 
on fire in
the galactic dark

that stopped
to light a kiss 
plant the portent
grown from
solstice silent
in beatitude
like a deity
                                               in love                                               

 Mara Lemanis

Images: 1) William Blake's Song of Innocence and of Experience, 2) In Silence