World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 24 - Eduardo Romaguera

Life as an artist is intense, according to Eduardo Romaguera, from Valencia, Spain. ‘Art is marvellous, everybody should experience it. Doors are opened to dimensions with extraordinary poetical eradiation.’ Many times he is surprised that his daily work results in such magical things.

The coming weeks one of his works, an oil painting with the title Azul (Blue) will be projected on one of the skyscrapers of New York at Times Square as part of the program See Me which aims at bringing creativity back to the World.

Playing with elements

Since 1999 Eduardo Romaguera has been participating in numerous individual and group exhibitions and in modern Art festivals in Valencia, Mexico, Germany, USA, France and West Sahara. Music and poetry are important for him. He has been internationally awarded on several occasions. 

His work switches between different artistic languages: photography, painting, video art, sculpture and new media. It is a combination of these disciplines. There is no central theme in his work. Eduardo considers his work as a game, he plays with elements, some of them technical and very precize. There is a lot of humor in it.

His artworks are open to numerous interpretations. ‘I am particularly interested in poetry in the broadest sense, that’s the key to my artistic work. Poetry for me is also a learning proces and a search in the understanding of the other. Other objects, other persons.’ 

Poetry unites

In the search process Romaguera is looking for new solutions. He weaves,  as it were,  compositions out of signs. ‘Its is my particular way of doing things. You should note that this process of creating a painting is not immediately mechanical, it requires taking into account many different parameters simultaneously. The poetry unites them, makes them timeless and allows me to convey a thought in a transparant manner.’ 

It’s difficult for Eduardo Romaguera to point out a key work. ‘I can safely say that there is no such work. In my working process many parameters are equally important and valid. So if talking about a key work the utmost you can say is that there are several key works. Look at the paintings carefully, I would advise, see the form, see the paint, try to decipher it. The paintings speak their language and my poetic signature unites them.’


Eduardo likes painting from a very young age. ‘To be exact, from my 8th year. I considered painting the best thing there was.’ He was a student at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the faculty of San Carlos. Next to the teachers, he learned from friends, classmates, his parents. ‘The truth is that artistic training has nothing to do with the university, you learn in practise, undergoing your daily experiences.’ 

A number of years he was considering to give his work another name. ‘ ‘Explorador’, researcher would have been a good one. I believe explorador reflects better the work i’m doing and bringing in in exhibitions.’

His artistic philosphy: ‘Flowing in the making and painting process. Finding myself through the process, finding things out and making discoveries.’As such he is a contemporary representative of Fluxus, the Artfleuve, and of what is called in Spain the Postilusionismo Imaginoplasta and  Pancretismo Sincrónico. 




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